Acai Berries

What are they and how are they good for me?

As of recently all I see people talk about are Acai bowls! I was so excited to try them and once I did I can understand the hype and the fact that they are so good for you is such a bonus! So why are they so good for you? Let me tell you ...

Acai berries are a grape sized fruit harvested from an acai palm tree in South America. It is possibly the healthiest berry you can eat! The taste of acai berries os often described as a blend of chocolate and berries. 

Lower Cholesterol 
Natural Weight Lose (Boosts Metabolism)
Improves Digestion 
Good For Heart Health 
Promotes Skin Health
Boost Energy Levels 

They also contain high amounts of dietary fibre; healthy fats and vitamins and minerals. 

You can get acai from lots of different locations now in the form of frozen acai puree and powder form. This is great to make it readily available to people all over the world and not just the local in South America. 

Check out my Acai bowls post to see some great recipes to make your own!!

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