5 Reasons To Travel While You’re Young

Travel is one of the most exciting and beneficial experiences that you can give to yourself. It is the best type of self care there is! You may be thinking how is this self care but you can gain so much from travelling. There are so many different types of travel to take part in and each of them add to you life in different ways! It could be a beach holiday to really take the time for you and to destress from life or it could be an adventure to learn about the world and explore different parts of our planet to learn about other peoples cultures and lifestyles. 
Lots of us travel for work and it really is such a lucky experience to be given and one that you should never take for granted or waste! 
You can travel at all ages but I want to look at what the benefits of traveling when you're young and just going out into the world are. Why it's such a good idea wand what it will bring to your life!

1. You’ll feel free and unique  
Travel is a form of freedom!
It gives us the opportunity to go wherever we want and be whatever we want! There really is no limit and as long as your willing you can achieve whatever you want to achieve. At a young age this freedom can inspire your life and shape the person you become all from the experiences you go out and find. 
2. Exposes you to different cultures and gives you a new perspective
This is a great chance to see what the world is really like. You can learn all about how other cultures live and their daily lives. It can make you appreciate even some of the most simple things that we all take for granted. Even though we all live on the same planet it really is amazing to see that we all live so differently depending on where we are located.

3. Travel is a great stress reliever 
Being somewhere new and doing something different almost transports you and can give you the space and breathing room to take a step back from everyday life and any stress that you may have. Everyones idea of a stress free break is different whether it be laying on a beach; exploring a city or hiking through a rainforest. 
4. It will improve your social skills 
When you are traveling somewhere new you're going to be open to talking to more people. Even if you're not the kind of person who has a chat with everyone and wants to know al about their life. You might need to talk to people to ask questions and find out information. Quiet a lot of the time people will want to know your story and how you came to travel to that pacific destination. 

5. Give you a connection with nature 
There are so many different climates all with different nature to explore. You can travel to somewhere hot or cold and find yourself amongst some of the worlds most incredible creatures that you don't have at home. To be able to explore a whole new terrain and really appreciate the world we live in not only for the latest technology and the man made world that we are all coming to know!
I hope this has given you at least one reason to get out there (When we can covid permitting!) and explore this amazing world that we are lucky enough to live in. I hope I have inspired you to really appreciate our earth. 

Love Megan x 

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