Paris Mini Guide

When we can ever travel freely again I want to return to Paris! I'm a little bit late to writing this I will admit as these photos were taken a while ago but I still had to share them. 
My visit was short and I feel like I had a little glimpse into the beauty of this amazing city. 
These photos mainly focus on the Eiffel tower and probably the most famous part of Paris. It really is so incredible though and something you shouldn't miss if you get the opportunity on your trip. 
Just some photos of this incredible city to inspire you to visit.

Visit the Eiffel tower website Here to get your tickets and read the latest information.
Writing and looking through the photos in this post is making me want to re-watch Emily in Paris so much!
- If you haven't seen it you are really missing out!
The view from the top of the Eiffel tower was incredible and 100x worth it.

The Arc de triumph was so much more impressive them I thought it was going to be! For a future visit I would love to go to the top of this and see the views. Especially the views of the Eiffel tower as I've heard they are amazing!

Until next time Paris ...

I hope you love Paris and have the best visit!
Love Megan x


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