Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris has to be one of my favourite Disneyland's I've ever been to! Firstly just look at that castle... It's so beautiful! What I like about this Disney is the size of it. It isn't too big but also plenty big enough to have a great day or couple of days exploring. 
At this Disneyland there is also the Walt Disney studios park to see a bit of behind the scenes and how some of the stunts and really how the magic is made. 
Toy Story! They have such a great Toy Story area with lots of different inspired rides and some great photo opportunities! Not even the biggest Toy Story fan but fell in love with it a little bit more after visiting. 

Monster Inc! 
Alice in wonderland!
Food & Drink
There are lots of different food and drink options to choose from on your visit!
Check out all of your options Here.

These were such great ice creams and even though it wasn't a very hot day, they were so yummy and cute and soooo many flavours to choose from!
There are so many shops everywhere to buy any kind of Disney souvenir you want! It can be quite overwhelming so it good to have an idea of what you want to look at or even what Disney character you love.
Hope this was helpful and you'll love it!!

 Love Megan x

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