Setting New Year Goals

Every year I enjoy setting my New Year resolutions/ goals for different parts of my life I would like to focus on or improve. For the last few years I have been doing it in a particular way that I find so useful that I thought I would share it with you!

When setting my New Year goals I like to sort them into different sections so I can focus on different areas which are important. 

My sections- For the environment, my mind, my health, my beauty, my future, my wealth and my career. 

How I choose a goal for each section-

For the Environment-

I try to think of a way I can make a small difference. I focus on a new thing I want to incorporate each year. This could be anything from using my own water bottle more to reduce my plastic use or shopping second hand/ used when possible. I like to do this with books to give them a second life and they really are like new still and I don't have to feel bad about bringing another product into the world to clog it up even more!

For my Mind-

This can be interpreted in lots of ways! I like to use this section to improve my knowledge and for the last few years I have been setting myself a reading goal in this section. For this year though I'm not giving myself a set target but I want to be more intentional with what I read and truly try to educated myself and read more books with a purpose and meaning. 

For my Health- 

Previous years I have focused on my diet and what I want my food choices to be. I have been vegetarian for over 3 years now and then I set a goal of transitioning to fully vegan. Now I feel happy with my choices and have found what right for me I want to look at my exercise routine and try and try some things that I've never tried like yoga and meditation. 

For my Beauty-

This is more of setting a routine and finding what works for me. This can be anything that helps you to upkeep your appearance. In previous years I have focused on perfecting my skincare routine thats right for me and sticking with it. For this year though I want to take better care of my hair and I'm also very interested in training my hair which I will hopefully go into more detail about later in the year once I can share my experience with. 

For my Future- 

I like to use this section to focus on my future memories. To give and example of this for the last three years this section has been - To take more polaroid photos; Fill out my 'one line a day' journal and to keep my photo album up to date. All of this ensures that I make the most of every moment and make memories for my future to cherish and look back on. 

For my Wealth- 

This can be focused on any financial area in your life. That could be focusing on a certain debt or credit card you want to pay off. Saving for something particular like a house deposit. Or maybe even setting a budget to stick to. 

For my Career- 

I like to look at where I currently am and what I hope to change in the year. For this section you could look at if you're in the career you want to be in; If you would like to advance in your current job role and apply for a promotion or and training you'd like to study to improve in your current job or for a new one. 

These are the sections that I like to choose but you can adjust it to any that suit you and areas that you would like to set goals for. 

I hope that this is helpful! 


Love Megan x 

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