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Location: Dublin, Ireland

Dublin is the capital of Ireland and as you probably know Ireland are well known for their Guinness. Due to this it would only be right that I visited the Guinness storehouse brewery on my recent visit to Dublin. This city is home to the Guinness storehouse and the brewery where you can go for tours to learn about the beer; learn how it is made and how to pour the perfect pint for yourself. 
Getting to the brewery:

Located at St James gate on market street you can get to the brewery by either car, foot, bus or tram. 

Car: We travelled to the brewery by car as we had a courtesy car for the day. This is probably the easiest way to get to the brewery if you are a driver as you can make your own way there. Once there the brewery have their own car park which is easy to find by following the sign posts. This is free for the day. This means no worrying about how long you are taking in the brewery or how much the parking is going to cost you. You will be able to find the car park on crane street which is around the corner from the storehouse entrance. As soon as you are all parked up you can spend as long as you wish learning about the beer inside the experience. 

However if you do drive remember you can not drink!! 

The brewery is just a short walk around the corner from the car park. When you enter and exit the car park the parking attendant will lift the gate for you so you wont need to worry about how you get in and out for free. As long as you return during the opening hours of the brewery your car will be fine.

Foot:: The storehouse is just a 20 minute walk from the centre of the city by foot. This is a great idea if you are planning to drink while at the experience. 

Bus:: This is the quickest way of transport to the storehouse due to the amount of bus lanes in the city. From the centre it is just a short 10 minute journey. You can hop on bus 123 from O'Connell street or from Dame street. Both buses run every 8-10 minutes and take you straight to the storehouse. 

Tram:: This may be a little confusing unless you know how to ride the tram. The storehouse does not offer any information about where to get the tram or which one to get on. However they do provide information for the nearest stop to the brewery which is at: St James' Hospital. If you know how to ride the tram and can read the tram map this is the stop you will need to head for. 


You can either pre-book your tickets or pay for tickets upon arrival. When you pre-book you are able to choose your time of arrival, however if you pay upon arrival you may have to wait for your tickets if it is busy. 

Tip: Pre-booking tickets can save you time and money.

Pre-booked tickets:: You are able to book tickets for the experience up to 3 months in advance. This would be a great idea if you need a specific date or time to visit the storehouse. The price of the tickets for adults vary depending on the day, time and the advance time of your booking. Starting from €14 each the price can vary by 30% during busy periods. 

Upon arrival you can print your tickets from the ticket machines located on your rights as you enter. All you will need to do to print your tickets is know you reference number to put into the machine. Your tickets come with a drinks token on the bottom which you can use during your experience for your complementary drink. 

Pre-book your tickets: here.

Buying tickets:: You are able to purchase tickets on the day upon entering the experience. However bare in mind that if you are buying tickets on the day it could be rather busy which could mean a wait for you. 

If you are a Guinness lover this is the place for you!

Inside the experience you are able to learn about the process the beer goes through and which ingredients are inside. As you rise through the experience you get to learn more about behind the scenes of the brand and how they have grown. You can see how every aspect of development from the design of the beer barrels to the method of advertising has been vital to achieve where Guinness is today! 

When it comes to the floor for advertising you will find every advert and product that has been used to advertise Guinness since it was established. This is rather impressive to see - you will be speechless by the amount of advertisements Guinness have had! 

You can buy souvenirs with these advertisements on in the shop on the ground floor!
Cooperage Café:
Inside the storehouse there is a little café which sells a wide variety of snacks and beverages for a little rest during your tour. You can sit and eat these in the café which provides lots of seating or you can grab a drink to take with you for the rest of the experience. 

Photo booths:
The photo booths are where you can take funny pictures of you with previous advertisements. These will then appear on ipads outside for you and everyone else to see.

As you get near the top of the experience you get to start tasting the beer! It is optional to go into the tasting rooms where you are taught about which ingredients are needed to make the beer and why each one is important. You are able to smell each ingredient from different smoke vents within the room. 

Upon leaving the room you are given your little taster to take through with you! 
Your little Guinness taster (which is about 3 gulps big) is given to you so you can be taught the proper way to drink a pint of Guinness. The accurate way of drinking ensures that you don't end up with a foam moustache
Time to pour your own pint . . .

Now with your complementary drinks voucher which came with your ticket you can use it to learn to pour the perfect pint. You will need to que up and wait until a bartender is free to teach you. A group of you will be directed to a free bar where you will be taught how to hold the glass; how to hold the handle and where to pour up to in your pint glass. 

Each person will get a turn of pouring their pint which is yours to drink!
If you decide not to use your drinks voucher to pour your own pint then you can use it to get your pint in at the gravity bar which is on the top floor of the storehouse. Don't worry if you have used your voucher you can always purchase another pint or another drink of your choice if you don't fancy another pint!
From the gravity bar at the top of the storehouse you can see across Dublin.

I hope this has inspired you to take a trip to Dublin!

Love Megan x 

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