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Having been on a few winter trips I've realised just how cold it is and a few simple tips I've picked up along the way that really helped me! This got me thinking about how these simple tips have helped me to visit various destinations during the winter season. How I managed to stay warm, explore the location and have an amazing time despite the freezing temperatures! 

Some of the places I have visited during the winter have been some of my favourite trips! From Prague to Warsaw to Eindhoven, each city has been cold, but fun and exciting! 

Of course to ensure the best time away during the winter I have some tips which I follow. These ensure that I stay warm, make the most out of the trip and have the best possible time . . . read my tips . . . 

1. Wrap up warm
Although this may seem like the easiest and most simple tip to follow, it can also be the tip which you forget. It can be easy to get carried away packing outfits that are going to look great for that certain location without thinking how cold it could be. Scrolling through pinterest can make you lust for amazing outfits in instagramable locations, however this may not be great for the time of year. Of course you still want to look good, maybe just add on a hat and scarf. 

2. Check the weather forecast
Checking the weather is a great idea if you are travelling somewhere which can snow. For instance if you are travelling to New York you need to know what the weather is doing. The city can snow in the winter and be boiling hot in the summer. Such variety of temperatures and weather conditions can mean you may need a variety of clothes and accessories.

3. Do your research
Being spontaneous and going with the flow is fun, however if you are visiting somewhere cold and possibly snowy you don't want to be hanging around outside, searching for somewhere to eat or something to do. Researching your destination can give you a heads up on where to eat, what fun things there are to do and where are the best spots for instagram, views and culture. Returning from a trip and finding out you missed something amazing can be one of the worst things!

4. Book a central hotel
Travelling into the town/city can be ten times more effort/tiring when you are freezing cold and the weather is wintery, rainy, snowy and miserable. Having a hotel near everything you need makes it easier to go out and see everything you want to see and do, with minimal time outside travelling. Visiting a destination during the winter also means that it can get dark pretty early, having a central hotel can be great for getting back for the night. 

5. Have a map
If you can figure your way around you can avoid the cold and avoid delaying getting to where you want to be. Have a map to speed up your adventure! 

6. Pack walking shoes
Obviously walking shoes are required for all trips to explore; however in colder destinations shoes that are comfortable are even more important. Your feed are going to be cold and walking will make you ache a lot faster, great shoes can make this a lot easier. Boots and trainers are our go to's for winter trips! 

7. Create a Pinterest board
One of our favourite things to do when we have an upcoming trip is to head to pinterest. You will find food you want to eat, sights you want to see and instagram hotspots you must visit. Here you can create a mood board draft of what you would like your trip to look like. 

8. Have a good handbag
By this I don't mean a designer bag, I mean a bag which is not too big, not too small, not too heavy and won't get ruined in bad weather. That may sound like a lot to consider but it really isn't. We tend to consider what we would need for a specific trip before we go. For instance, we would need a bigger bag for a hot trip where we need a drink at all times; a smaller bag if we are visiting somewhere like Disneyland where we will be taking it on rides and a rucksack like bag if we are hiking somewhere. 

9. Warmth can sometimes win over style
Looking good is great but after you're freezing it may not be the best idea. Try and choose outfits, shoes and coats which look good but are super warm. After all most the time you will only see your trousers and coat in your photos.

10. Plan adventures & activities
Plan what you want to do to stay warm during the trip; find sights to see where you can stay out of the cold. Or even know how to get to the destination, how much it will cost and wrap up warm in anticipation. 

11. Take gloves
If you want all the wanderlust, instagramable photos during your trip then you will need to take gloves to stop your hands freezing taking them. Shaking, cold hands don't take the best photos . . .

12. Pack good hair products
Cold weather means warm hats, however warm hats mean messy, dirty hair. By dirty we mean hair that has been warm and covered all day that it could do with a freshening up. Make sure you pack good shampoo, conditioner and dry shampoo to keep your hair fresh, clean and looking great! 

13. Skincare is essential
Most people think that the warm weather is bad for your skin, although this is true the cold weather can be just as bad! The cold can make your skin dry and sensitive. Make sure you pack a cleanser and a good moisturiser. 

14. Eat properly
Travelling and visiting new destinations can make it easy to indulge. There is nothing wrong with treating yourself, eat that delicious cake and have that extra drink. But also try to balance your food, eat fruit and vegetables and foods which are going to give you energy. Try to eat nutritious meals and eat the cultural cuisine. 

15. Pre-plan transport
If you can hire a car during your trip it will be great, this makes it easy to get where you want to go and stay warm during the journey. Some transports in various destinations can take time to get to and make involve waiting in the cold. If you want to speed up the process, know what you need to do, where you need to go and how much it is going to cost before you arrive. 

Some of my favourite trips have been taken during the winter to cold destinations, don't be put off by the cold. Lots of city's are prettier in the winter!

Where have you loved visiting during the winter?

Love Megan x 

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