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I love halloween but I love it in a cute and cosy way! For my halloween decor this year I have gathered a collection of decorations that portray just that. My decor is simple but effective in making a festive impression with a few DIYs to add my own unique touch! 

An autumn essential! My fave of course is my own brand. My Pumpkin Spice candle from The Candles Store
I have a witches broom and I also like to leave my boots under the chair for an added touch. 
I made this very cute ghost bunting DIY after seeing similar ones on Pinterest and its just the cutest! Ghosts are a halloween staple but they don't have to be scary. In future I may consider making these in other neutral colours and pale pinks. 
A quote board is one of the easiest decorations to add to your house! This is a halloween quote that I found on Pinterest and all I did was add a spiders web and a spider and it was all ready for halloween.
The cutest halloween decor in any form! I sewed these to make a bunting to hang on some shelves and even though its neutral that just makes me love it even more.
Im not normally a fan but theres something about these that just make them so adorable! They are just simple plastic bats but you can bend their wings and stick them to anything you want to make a great statement. I've added them to the edge of the mirror and I think they look great.
This is one of my favourite decorations and thats probably because I revamped it and now I love it! Before it was black tinsel and definitely not my decor taste. You can see the before and after on my Instagram
Placing pumpkins around your home is one of the best decorations you can add for autumn and halloween! These are two that I have knitted and sewed these year which makes them my favourites ones! 
You can also add real ones and all kinds of other shop brought ones.

Happy halloween decorating!!
 Love Megan x 

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