Following The Dress Code In The Middle East

When it come to visiting the Middle East a little bit of research is needed before you arrive to make sure that you are dressed appropriate. Before my trip to Dubai I made a point of trying to research the do's and don'ts just to make sure that I had everything I needed. I want to share with you everything you need to know so you can have an amazing trip without the worry.

It's your best bet to be conservative when visiting the middle east as it holds such strong religious views. It's also best to refrain from wearing shorts and vest tops as these expose quiet a lot of skin. In the middle east people usually tend to cover their shoulders and knees.

I found that the best clothing to wear is either a jumpsuit or maxi dress. They are both quite cool and give good cover. They have been totally suitable for walking around Dubai and visiting the shopping malls, but if I was to visit a more cultural area then I would put a pashmina over my shoulders.

When it come to footwear there is no particular ruling and you can wear whatever you find comfortable. Just consider the heat when packing and if your trip is going to include a lot of walking you're going to want something that won't rub when you feet get hot. 

On my visit I tended to stick with simple sandals which I could wear in the heat and I also know they would be perfectly comfortable for lots of walking outside and in the malls. 

On my trip I found it was so much easier to use rucksacks as I carried around my cameras, drinks and often a small scarf incase I needed to cover up to visit certain areas.

I hope this has been helpful for wherever you may be visiting in the middle east and it allows you to have a stress free amazing trip!

Love Megan 

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