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Dubai is known as a bloggers paradise . . . and for good reason! Everywhere you visit and turn in Dubai it is instagram worthy. Whether you are looking for them instagram photos of you or even photos of views and breath-taking places, Dubai has it all. You will find great inside shots as well as outside, and in this kind of heat you will definitely want some inside photo-shoot time instead of just all outside! 

This post should help you find the best instagram spots if you have an upcoming trip; or if you haven't been to Dubai before it will inspire you to book a trip! Think HOT weather, Dubai appropriate clothing and some of the prettiest views you can imagine. Being a dessert the city is hazy a lot of the time, however this makes the skyscrapers look even more impressive, especially the Burj Khalifa which is the tallest building in the world. 

Come and find the best instagram locations for your trip . . . 
Location: Palace Downtown

The Burj Khalifa is a very well known building in Dubai, after all it is the tallest building in the world! 

Therefore no Instagram would be complete without a perfect photo of the building, either on its own or with you in it. Being so tall you are able to get photos from almost anywhere near by. However it does get very busy in this area and if you want a perfect shot with no-one else in it then you need to know where to go! 

This go pro photograph is not what I was originally aiming for . . . I was heading for the Palace Downtown, which is the perfect bloggers spot for the ultimate instagram photo. The Palace Downtown's entrance has a water walkway which offers the best views of the Burj Khalifa. However if it is closed like when we visited, by the entrance you can also find this arch way which acts as a frame for the Burj Khalifa! 
Location: Souk Al Bahar Entrance 

The Souk Al Bahar entrance is just outside of the Dubai mall, where the Burj Khalifa fountains are located. To get here you will have to walk through the mall to the fountain exit which is by five guys. In front of you, you will see this bridge walk way. 

This area is perfect for instagram due to its warm sandy tones; bright light and great views. You can either get your instagram shots like ours through the walkway or even with the Burj Khalifa in them. 

This is also a perfect area to get photos at golden hour . . . 
Location: Dubai Mall Waterfall 

This human statue waterfall is one of the many amazing attractions within the Dubai mall. When it comes to malls in Dubai you have seen nothing like it before. The malls have every shop you could ever need; lots of eating places for whatever you desire; attractions to see and attractions to experience. 

The human waterfall is another quirky and different attraction within the mall. Whether like us me you want to get some great photos or even if you just want a couple of minutes peace listening to the water falling. The waterfall is viewable from all four floors of the shopping centre. I took my photos from the ground floor as it offered the best light and the best view of the humans above. 

Be prepared to wait to get the perfect photo though, the waterfall does get very busy with tourists . . . 

I would recommend crouching to get the shot; this will help you get more of the amazing waterfall in the shot and less of the mall. 
Location: The Lost Chambers Aquarium, Atlantis 

The Lost Chambers Aquarium is the amazing well known aquarium in the Atlantis hotel on the palm. This is already a popular bloggers instagram spot; after all it is very different and unique. Normally I don't really like to take dark photos for my instagram but this photo turned out amazing. 

The only downside to this instagram location is that you will need to pay to get to it. The aquarium has two different prices depending on whether you are staying in the hotel or not. However do not let this put you off because not only are you getting your amazing instagram shot but you are also able to see this amazing aquarium! 

If you time your photo well you can even get some pretty amazing animals in the shot . . .  
Location: Souk Al Bahar Bridge 

This photo is taken in the same place as the walkway photo above; however unlike the first one this is facing the Burj Khalifa. On the bridge walkway you will find lots of arches to view the Burj Khalifa through. These were great to get a framed shot for instagram. We also found how due to it already being such an interesting spot we do not necessarily need us in the photos. 

This instagram spot was perfect to get a simple, yet stunning and breath-taking shot of one of the worlds landmarks! 

Location: At The Top, Burj Khalifa 

The view from this photo straight away shows you where it was taken . . . at the top of the Burj Khalifa! 

This again is another instagram spot where you will need to pay to get to. However being the tallest building in the world it is definitely a must visit anyway. With the purchase of a ticket to go to the top of the Burj Khalifa you will be able to experience the highest views in the world from inside a building. 

The photo that we have taken for my instagram was taken on the 124th floor out on the terrace. Being outside this terrace for extremely hot to take photos on. However I found that by sitting by the window I could get the best photos with as much view as possible in them! 

This may be my favourite photo in Dubai . . . 
Location: Mall of the Emirates 

Of course another amazing mall in Dubai . . . 

If you love shopping then Dubai is a great shopping city to visit. The Mall of the Emirates photographed above has over 700 shops. Although not the biggest in Dubai (the Dubai Mall has over 1,200!) the Mall of the Emirates is a stunning mall. Normally a mall is not an instagram spot; however since visiting Dubai I have changed my opinion on this. 

Dubai is full of malls which have amazing instagram spots . . . 
Location: Souk Al Bahar, Rear Exit 

Is there even such a thing as having too many photos of the Burj Khalifa? 

If you walk through or round the Souk Al Bahar then you will find this hidden spot which has some of the best views of the Burj Khalifa. Even if you are not looking for anymore photos of the Burj Khalifa this little area is great to explore. 

During my visit, being the middle of summer in Dubai it was rather hot to be outside. However during cooler months this is a great area to visit. Although being so tall the Burj Khalifa is hard to fit in a photo; from here you are able to get a good view of the chunky base and see it start to go up. I love how you can get full outfit photos with the best background! 
Location: Dubai Mall Aquarium and Underwater Zoo 

Who knew that Dubai loved there aquariums so much? 

This is a different aquarium to the one we have discussed above. However it is still as impressive, instead of a large glass window to see all the animals it has a walk through tunnel! This is a perfect area to get another relaxed instagram photo with pretty blue tones. 

I love how this spot is fun and instagramable at the same time! 

Have you ever been to Dubai? Where were the best instagram spots? 

Megan x 

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