5 Things To Love About Autumn

I thought this would be a fun post to share some of the reasons I LOVE autumn! It's my favourite season and I can't wait to enjoy all of these things!

 1. Halloween

This has to be the first reason on my list! It's not as popular and celebrated as much in the UK but it is so much fun and especially if you can celebrate it with young children. Its just a big excuse the have some fun dressing up and enjoy some candy. 

This year may be a little different to previous and I'm not sure if trick or treating is going to happen but for me that isn't the main part and id much rather have a mini halloween party at home; a spooky dinner or a scary movie night.

FYI: This year on halloween there is a full moon so be sure to check that out! 

2. The Food

As soon as the weather gets colder its the perfect excuse to make some yummy comfort food and lot and lots of baking! Some of the things I'm excited to make this year are lots of cookies (You may be able to tell I just love to make cookies), a pumpkin pie and a really fun trail mix which I will share with you soon! 

3. Sweater Weather

Who doesn't love to get out all of their cosy jumpers, hoodies and sweaters. Don't get me wrong I LOVE summer but you just can't wear these supper comfy and cosy clothes so as soon as the weather is cool enough I'm all over it! Pair this with some baking and a movie and you've got the perfect autumn day!

You can't forget socks in this! I've been working on my halloween sock collection and I love it. Check them out at Her Autumn Life She Loved

4. Boxsets & Movies

This is all I want to do! It's like all of a sudden I want to watch everything on Netflix. There seems to be an overload of autumn boxsets and of course there are so many halloween movies. I have a halloween movie post going up soon so be sure to check that out! Or if you can't wait ...

Check out my Pinterest to see lots of movie and boxset lists!

5. Books

Last thing is books. There nothing better then sitting inside while it rains with a good book! I'm currently reading the Harry Potter series and its just the cosiest thing to do on a cold and wet autumn day. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and have an amazing AUTUMN!!

Love Megan x

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