Visiting The Peak District

Whilst traveling and hopping on flights to new countries is exciting and fun I often forget how pretty and exciting exploring our own country the UK can be. Visiting the Peak District recently reminded me of how much I love travelling around the UK and how much I still have to see and enjoy! 

The Peak District, which is located centrally in the UK is home to lots of little towns, great food and adventure walks. If you are a tourist in the UK then you will find the real UK in the Peak District. Think British afternoon tea; fields filled with farm animals and cute little villages with stone buildings. 

I hope my guide inspires you to explore the Peak District for yourself . . . 
The Peak District is filled with lots of little villages and towns to explore . . .


Buxton is the central town of the Peak District. 

Here you will find everything you will need for a Peak District adventure; the town has food and clothes shops and a few must see landmarks. The must see sights include: 

  • Devonshire Dome - this is the University of Derby's Buxton campus, where Chloe actually went to University for three years! The Dome is open to the public to go in and view; it is the biggest unsupported dome in the UK. 
  • St Annes Well - this is a natural mineral water well on the outskirts of the town. The little well has flowing Buxton water which you are allowed to fill your bottles with. Just bare-in-mind that the water will be warm at first as it has come from under ground. 
  • Solomon's Temple - Solomon's Temple is a victorian landmark tower on the hill overlooking the town. With a little walk up to the tower you can climb it and have the most amazing views across the town and across the hills. If you visit at sunset you could get some amazing photos! 


Hathersage is a little village, filled with stone cottages and little British streets. On the edge of the village you will also find surprise view, which is a great walk with the best views. This is where we got our top photo! 

Surprise view is a walk which can be taken from multiple paths, depending on your walking ability, to reach an amazing view across the Peak District, which is such a great surprise at the end. 


If you want to take one of the nicest walks which involves walking along the side of a river and crossing it using stepping stones, then you need to visit Dovedale. 

Dovedale is a valley in the Peak District which is only approximately 2 to 3 miles long. However it may be one of the prettiest areas you will come across. If you are into walking then this is a spot you must visit! To walk the stepping stones route you can either walk across public paths from Ilam or park at Dovedale car park for just £3. 


This little village is the perfect place to stop for lunch while on a Peak District adventure. Again with lots of stone buildings, the little village is perfect to wander around. Additionally the village has some nice pubs which are perfect for lunch or dinner. 


You have not had a Bakewell tart until you have had a fresh baked one from Bakewell village!

Bakewell has to be one of our favourite places in the Peak District. Not only does it have the best Bakewell tarts but it is also the cutest village to explore. You will find lots of quirky little shops; a pretty canal with a love lock bridge and great British food. 

Come and have a Bakewell tart in Bakewell . . . 

Have you ever been to the Peak District?

Where would you recommend visiting?

Love Megan x

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