Free Attractions In Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas is full of some of the most crazy and exciting attractions and things to do. Although lots of paid attractions can seem appealing, the free attractions in Las Vegas are something that you can not miss! They may even be something you don't miss if you lose all your money gambling . . . 

From astonishing experiences to 'pinch me' moments, you will be left with the most amazing memories from something that was completely free. 

After all if you want more money to gamble, you need to save money on the attractions! 

All of the free attractions I recommend to visit are in no particular order, each loving different attractions more than others, it is something of a personal preference  depending on what you are interested in . . . 

1. Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign

This is an attraction that a lot of people love to see! The sign is the famous entrance to the city, seen on most films and at the top of most peoples Las Vegas bucket lists. Although it is just a welcome sign it is the most iconic Las Vegas photo you can get. The best time to get your photos is early in the morning, any time before 8am, as you will have the sign to yourself. However it is also meant to be amazing at night if you want to queue to get your photos. 

2. Flamingo hotel, Flamingo gardens

The flamingo gardens are located of course inside the Flamingo hotel. Inside the hotel you are able to access the gardens off the casino area, where you will find walk ways, bridges and the famous flamingos. You can access the gardens for free, even if you are not staying at the hotel, and then can stay as long as you want to get the perfect flamingo shot.  
This giant flamingo statue is also located outside the hotel and super fun to take photos with!

3. Bellagio fountains

The Bellagio fountains may be one of the biggest free attractions in Las Vegas. Stretching the width of the front of the hotel, the fountains can be seen from a far. At night the fountains put on a show to different music, where the fountains will be in time to the song. 

4. Bellagio conservatory

The Bellagio conservatory is a themed garden inside the Bellagio. The garden changes theme every season, with new plants, ponds with fish and building structures. While I was visiting the gardens were designed for Chinese new year, the year of the dog. This meant lots of Chinese inspired buildings; lanterns hanging from the ceiling and carp fish filling the ponds. The gardens are open 24 hours a day, except for the week it is shut for designing the new season garden. 

5. Hershey's world

If you are a lover of chocolate then this is the shop for you. It has every flavour Hershey's chocolate; cakes, brownies and all Hershey's merchandise you could wish for. Although of course the merchandise and food inside is not free, you may get a free taster and the shop itself is pretty amazing - with its giant chocolate Statue of Liberty. 

6. Seven Magic Mountains

The Seven Magic Mountains are not in the city centre of Las Vegas. However they are only a short half hour car drive down the road. For attractions outside of the city, this is not far at all. The mountains are a must see sight due to their astonishing size and how they stand out in a dessert full of sand. This is the perfect place to adventure outside of the city to see the real Nevada. 

7. Mirage volcano

The Mirage Volcano is the attraction located outside of the Mirage hotel. With daily shows, the volcano offers an exciting and breath-taking performance. Whist you can see the volcano exploding, with fireballs you are able to listen to the music which was specially selected. Due to the three daily shows being at night, the shows are even more impressive and a must see! 

8. Luxor sky beam

The Luxor hotel is the Egyptian inspired hotel, which looks like a pyramid and has Egyptian cat architecture. During the day the hotel is spectacular and unlike anything you have ever seen; at night the hotel is amazing. With a sky beam out the top of the pyramid which can be seen from miles. If you are heading to the strip at night this is how you know where you are heading to! 

9. Venetian gondolas 

Although the Venetian gondolas are not technically free, visiting them for some peace and quiet is. The Italian inspired hotel has one of the prettiest exteriors with its pretty white buildings, bridge and gondolas floating on the water. Even if you are not a 'relax on a boat' kind of person, I'm sure you will find the gondolas relaxing and perfect to get away from the typical Las Vegas hustle and bustle. This is also a perfect instagram spot! 

10. Coca Cola world 

Like Hershey's world this is the perfect place for Coca Cola lovers! Filled with every piece of Coca Cola merchandise you could imagine; the shop is unlike anything you have seen. Although of course it will cost you if you want to buy, eat or drink anything; the shop is still a must see. If you visit then you have to try their Coca Cola's from different countries, available to buy in the cafe area. 

11. M&M world

Another chocolate heaven! Think every colour M&M and every flavour you could wish for! When America do candy they do it well. I would suggest the peanut butter M&M's! 

12. Circus at Circus Circus hotel

Located at the end of the strip, the Circus Circus hotel is not often visited by everyone who goes to Vegas. However being one of the oldest hotels on the strip it is definitely worth the visit. Although it is not as modern and extravagent as some of the hotels, it does have a real sense of the original Vegas and some pretty cool attractions - a CIRCUS and an inside AMUSEMENT PARK! If you are looking for fun this is the hotel to head to. The circus is free to watch and the rides and crazy golf are lots of fun! 

13. Paris hotel 

The Paris hotel is one of the big main hotels on the centre of the strip. It is also rather hard to miss with its huge Eiffel tower replica; Arc de Triumph and Paris hot air balloon. Although the Eiffel tower is not free, the hotel is free to visit and take photos. Inside the hotel you will find pretty Paris like streets to stroll around. 

14. Atlantic fountain show, Caesars Palace 

The Atlantic fountain show is located within the shopping centre within Caesars Palace, opposite the cheesecake factory. This is a perfect attraction to stop and take a break whilst you are shopping or window shopping among some of the best and most expensive shops on the strip. 

15. New York, New York Brooklyn Bridge 

Although nothing can compare to the real Brooklyn bridge, the Brooklyn bridge replica at the New York, New York hotel is a pretty good photo opportunity. In the sunshine the bridge is fun to walk across and impressive to visit. If you have been to New York it will make you want to return and if you have never been before then it will make you want to go! 

16. Miracle Mile

The miracle mile shopping centre is a mile long if you walk the whole length, thats a mile's worth of shops! With over 170 shops and restaurants, what more could you want? The shopping centre is perfect for a wander if you are not looking for anything inparticular; or if you have something in mind that you want. 

17. The Forum shops, Caesars Palace 

Although this is yes another shopping centre, it is on another level to the miracle mile. With shops with far larger price tags and items that are on many wish lists! Even if they are not the kind of shops that you usually shop at, the shopping centre is pretty impressive and a must see. Plus at the end of the shops you will find the cheesecake factory, now that is shop you must go in! You haven't eaten cheesecake until you have eaten it at the cheesecake factory. 

18. Fremont street 

Downtown, this is the well known street that everyone visits! With shops, bars and restaurants, the street is a taste of the old and original Las Vegas. Downtown Las Vegas is older than the strip with all the fancy and famous hotels! If you want to see the real Las Vegas, past the commercial tourist areas then you need to get an uber Downtown! 

19. Largest golden nugget, Golden Nugget Hotel 

Whilst you are Downtown visiting Fremont street you also need to visit the Golden Nugget Hotel. Inside you will find the largest golden nugget in the world! 

20. Gold and silver pawn star shop 

The gold and silver pawn star shop is another attraction Downtown. The shop is famous for having its own tv show! The little shop is filled with expensive pawn items for sale and quirky souvenirs. If you have seen the tv show before you may even be lucky enough to see someone famous! 

Have you ever been to Las Vegas? What would you recommend seeing? 

Love Megan 

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