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Before visiting Dubai have a read of my guide which will tell you everything you need to know before visiting this amazing city. Dubai is known to be a futuristic city that is ever-changing and advancing faster than any other country. I visited Dubai not really knowing anything and I was very keen to explore and see everything, from the amazing malls to its well known aquariums. 

Dubai has a very hot climate. It's pretty much going to be hot whenever you visit but to avoid one of the hottest times aim not to visit in the hottest summer months between May- September. 
During my time in Dubai the Dubai metro was my source of transport and it was so easy to use to get everywhere I wanted to go in the city. The metro system runs above ground mostly so you are also provided with great views of the city while you get from A to B. One of the best parts of using the Dubai metro is that you can use it as your airport transfer to easily get to your hotel. 

Daily Silver Ticket - £4.50
Daily Gold Ticket - £8.60
This it the ticket that I purchased daily to use the metro as much as I wanted to get around the city. 

One way Ticket - £4.50
Return Ticket - £6.50
This is a tram that takes you to the end of the palm. I used this to visit The Lost Chamber Aquarium. 

Taxi's are available to hail all over Dubai. The fare is said to be reasonable but can change depending on the time of day.  
Uber is available to use in Dubai. 

There are nearly 1500 buses along the streets of Dubai if you want to feel more like a resident on your visit. 
You can also be a tourist when in Dubai by jumping on a sightseeing bus. Big Bus Tours can be found across Dubai and you can purchase 1, 3 or 7 day tickets to hop on and off and explore the cities attractions. 

You can also hire a rental car from the airport while visiting. This could be good if you also want to drive to Abu Dhabi. 

Dubai is not short of hotels all across the city. 
Atlantis The Palm Hotel is probably the most well known for it's amazing shaped building on a palm shaped island. It also features a waterpark and aquarium. 
There are lots of different areas you can stay in, in Dubai depending on what you plan to do on your visit. You could stay near the beach, shops, airport and various other location. 
We stayed in a Hilton hotel not too far from the airport as it was a good central location for everywhere we wanted to visit on our trip. This could also be good if you are visiting on a short stopover. 
You will never be short of food options in Dubai! Especially with the malls everywhere full of various food places from restaurants to fast food and snacks. 
If you are used to your home comforts you will be able to find it all here so don't worry. There are McDonalds, Dominos and even IHop all around the city. I never ate anywhere particularly special but I had no problem in finding anything I fancied. (I did find some of the best frozen yogurt that you made yourself in the malls) 
There are so many different attractions when visiting Dubai that you must see. Some of them can be a little pricey but offer a little bit of a discount when you book online in advance. (Also you know you'll definitely be able to visit that attraction if thats booked)

If you're visiting Dubai you've probably already heard about the Burj Khalifa as it's the tallest building in the world. If theres one attraction that you're going to visit it has to be this one! The views are like no other and the tall buildings below look like nothing as you're among the clouds.

The Lost Chambers Aquarium is located inside the Palm hotel. It can be a little bit more difficult to get to but definitely worth the trip. This aquarium is so worth it for the massive tank alone. Full of every kind of fish, stingrays and sharks. Theres no need to book online unless you are visiting at peak times then this might be a good idea.

Not only for the kids but for adults too is the amazing waterpark at The Palm Hotel. You can spend the whole day relaxing and also getting that adrenaline rush at this waterpark. There is also a slide through the shark tank which is definitely a once in a lifetime experience. 

Dubai is nowhere short of shopping. Before my visit I already knew I was going to be spending quite a bit of time in the malls. The malls in Dubai don't just have one of the biggest selection of shops ever but they also house indoor ice skating; ski slopes and an Aquarium.

As well as the malls of Dubai there are lots of local markets and souks that you can visit. On my trip the weather was too hot to do this but if I return in the future it is definitely top of my to do list! 
To visit from the UK you don't require a visa. 
To visit from the UK there are no injections required.
If you are interested in a lot of outdoor sightseeing visit when the weather is more bearable.
- Use the Dubai metro to easily get around at an affordable price. 
- Bring a reusable water bottle that keeps your drink cold all day!
I hope you have the best time on your visit to Dubai and found my guide helpful!

Love Megan x 

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