Summer Staples

In recent months I have wanted to simplify my wardrobe so much and I am gradually investing in staple items that I will wear and love for years to come. I think in a world of such fast fashion now is the time to pick up the key pieces to build your summer staples wardrobe and stop wasting your money on the latest fashion trends that you'll only end up throwing out at the end of the season. Above are some photos of some of my favourite summer pieces. Just because you are buying items that you want to last does not mean that you have to break the bank investing in them. I still shop on the high street but just look for higher quality pieces and read the labels to see what material has been used and where the item has been made. 
For my personal wardrobe I like to stick to neutral tones as I feel its what suits me best and I know I won't get bored of it; it will always be in style and I can wear all the pieces all summer without noticeably looking like all I wear is the same outfit! 
A summer essential and an area where I don't mind spending a little bit more money to get a better quality piece that I know I'm going to hang on to for a very long time. I tend to go for a Levi shorts as I have found my perfect size and there are so many great styles to choose from at a reasonable price and I know what quality I will be receiving. 
You don't tend to have too many trousers in your summer wardrobe but when you live in England you can't go wrong with having a few pairs to hand. I keep some of my jeans out (just like shorts I do like to buy a better quality denim like Levis which I know will last). I also have some soft black cotton trousers which I can throw on when the weather drops cooler. 
It's a good idea to have a selection of good quality plain t-shirts which you can wear. (I have 3 different colour options to choose from). 
I also sway towards summer shirts and blouses to make more of an effort and keep cool in the summer heat. I think a good place to start is with a plain white shirt. This can be worn with shorts or trousers and you can dress it up or down for wherever you're going! 
These are a great outfit choice as it's only one item and you're dressed! I like to have a selection of neutral dresses in varying lengths. Some are plain one colour and some have a subtle pattern to them. As you can see above they are great piece to have in your collection and definitely an investment which you will have for years!
Playsuits/ Jumpsuits
These can be fun alternatives to shorts/ trousers and tops. I like to keep it neutral and you can even wear a top under a scrappy version to mix it up. 
You can make do with one as long as you keep it simple it will go with every outfit. I have linked a straw visor as that is my preferred choice. I find it so much easier when I have my hair up and now I've invested in one it will last me for several years to come.
There are several types of shoes to choose from and its just finding whats the right fit for you. What you like to wear and what fits your lifestyle and the activities you're doing. I would say my summer staples fro shoes are my black old school vans, my sandal havaianas and a pair of white smarter sandals. That is really all I need and they cover any activity I might be doing such as, walking, the beach or an evening meal while still being affordable, comfortable and simple. 
To keep it simple you may only need two different bags. A straw bag for the beach and a small should bag for shopping, eating out or evenings. With them two you can't go wrong.
I think this is an area where you can definitely invest. I brought a pair of ray bans and they are the perfect sunglasses. They go with everything and I have no need for any other pairs. 
I could go on and on about so much skincare for the summer. It is the time of year where you're showing more skin and it's hot so you want to be protected and truly taking care go yourself. You might also find that you're not wearing as much makeup to facial skincare plays a bigger part in your daily routine.
To name a few things I love I would definitely recommend a good lip balm and body moisturiser!

I hope this has helped you to establish a few summer staple items that you want to invest in or things you might already have that you want to wear more. 

Love Megan x


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