What To Read This Summer | 2020

It's the summer holidays and if you're going on holiday or just relaxing in your garden you're going to need the perfect book to sink your teeth into. This is a selection of some of the books I have read this year and think could make the cut! This is a great selection and by all means read as many as you can, not just one! 


This first book has been very popular lately with 'Black lives matter' and I had picked it up just before then. Since I already had it, it went to the top of my reading list. I found this a great book to educate you about race and behind the scenes of peoples lives. 


I LOVED this book. Right from the beginning there was so much going on and I never got to a point where it slowed down. I read this so quick as I simply couldn't put it down! I can not recommend this enough and it going to be a hard book to compete with for my favourite of the year. 


I've seen so many talk about this over the years and I feel bad that its sat in my collection untouched for so long. I finally got round to reading it and I was a nice simple read. I wouldn't say it has too much excitement but none the less I still enjoyed it. 


Now this I found to be a very strange book! It gave me a look into someone very unusual life and I loved the twist ending. Like the book above I've had it a while and after reading it I can't believe I never reached for it sooner!


I really enjoyed this book. Its a sad story and a book that really makes you realise how lucky you are and how you take such simple things for granted! Im not going to lie I did buy this book because I liked the cover but after reading it I can easily say I like the book just as much! 


As well as 'faceless' I brought this book because I was attracted by the cover and I liked it just as much again! This may be aimed at a younger audience due to the characters ages but thats just my opinion and of course you can read it at any age and I'm sure you will enjoy it!


I had seen so many people write about this book and I thought it looked so unusual! It is a simple book but it is behind the scenes of someones completely different lifestyle in a different country which interested me a lot. 

From all of these book I hope you can find one you enjoy just as much as me! 

I will say if you're going to choose only one to read I would recommend BLOOD ORANGE to everyone and anyone that will listen! The author is releasing another book soon and I can't wait to get my hands on it!

Let me know what you think of any of these! 

Love Megan x 

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