Nevada Road Trip

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
When taking a trip to Las Vegas it can be hard to leave the city; not because you can't but because you don't want to with so much to see and do among the hustle and bustle. With Vegas being such a fun and exciting city it can be hard to pull yourself away. However if you do, you won't regret it . . . 

Outside of Las Vegas city you will find lots of breath-taking scenery and places to visit. 

From national parks to art exhibitions, the potential road trip opportunities outside of the city are endless. You are able to see and experience amazing memories, with not too far to travel. We found that although being in the city enabled us lots of fun; road tripping outside of the city gave us some of the most amazing experiences and memories to take away! America is a country which is full of lots of different landscapes and scenery; even Nevada itself has such a variety of views and sights to see. 

Come and explore . . .

Hiring a car . . . 

To start off your road trip you need to arrange a car. This could either be your own if you have taken a road trip to get to Las Vegas or a hire car if you are new to the state/country. Both are fine, all the need to make sure is that you know where you are going . . . 

With Nevada being in the middle of the desert it can be easy to get lost. Unless you know what each area of desert looks like, you will have no idea where you are or if you have reached your destination. Each national park is spread out and signs can be rare and sparse. Therefore I would recommend having a sat nav or map to find your way around, this will make your road trip simpler, easier and more fun!

In Las Vegas you are able to hire a car from: 

  • McCarran International Airport - you are able to hire a car from the rent-a-car centre, which is located 3 miles from the airport. From terminal 1 and 3 you are able to get a free shuttle bus to the centre. Here you will find 11 car rental companies which offer car hire, which could either be booked prior or booked upon arrival. 

  • Hotel - the majority of the hotels in Las Vegas offer a car hire service. This service is offered by different car hire companies but is arranged through the hotel. This is convenient if you spontaneously decide that you would like a car to explore outside of the city. All information regarding car hire can be found out at your hotel information desk.
Where to go . . .

Once you have hired your car where do you head? 

Although in the middle of nowhere Las Vegas is located among lots of great sights to see and experience. Whether you are heading out on a road trip to see what you come across or you have a plan of what you are heading to see, you will be sure to find something amazing. 

While I had a hire car in Nevada I had a few sights in place that I wanted to see. A plan was essential as every destination was located in a different direction when leaving the city. Therefore to see everything we wanted to see we knew where we was heading and how long it was going to take. This is important as some national parks have closing times of sunset, which means if you are going in a cooler season you have even less time to see everything! 

Places I would recommend road tripping to . . . 

  • Seven Magic Mountains

  • Red Rock Canyon

  • Valley of Fire
Top tips . . .

  • Always have a camera on you - driving around Nevada offers some of the most amazing views and photo opportunities. You will never know when you will need your camera. Whether you take a handheld camera or a go pro, anything that captures the sights is a must for your road trip. 

  • Take your time - each of the national parks are so different and need time to be appreciated. Although their is a speed limit through the national parks, why not stop at the allocated places and have a walk around - you won't regret it! 

  • Dress for the weather - although you may think it will be great to get summery photos at each destination, if it is winter season it may be cold. Being out in the desert is also colder than being in the city! 

  • Take food and water with you - the desert is a big place and shops can be rare and sparse! Make sure you have lots of water on you and some food to keep you going. 

  • Do your research - if a national park is shutting at sunset, what time is sunset when you are going? You also need to allow yourself time to actually see the park. 

  • Fill up the tank - due to each road trip destination being far apart you will be using a bit of fuel. Although if you are from the UK you will be amazed at how cheap and far the fuel actually goes! The fuel stations can be far apart and you don't want to risk running out and getting stranded.

Have you ever been for a road trip in Nevada? Where would you recommend visiting?

Love Megan x

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