June Favourites

You know what time it is! Time for me to share with you all my June favourites. This month it's a little mix up of some simple products that I just couldn't do without! 
The first thing I have been loving are these reusable cotton pads! I have wanted and need to invest in these for so long and I finally did! These are so easy to use and so small which makes them great to travel with. They also come with a wash bag which makes them easy to clean in your washing machine.
You can get these from so many places and they are really inexpensive and save you so much money when it comes to buying cotton pads all the time to remove your makeup and clean your face. 
Suncream has been an essential for most of the month and these are my absolute favourites to use. I love the texture of these and they don't leave me feeling greasy or oily which is what I want most from suncream! I also like to use the mini face suncream as I find it to be a little bit more delicate and so small to carry in my bag to top up when I'm out and about. 
Now this is an end of the month favourite as it has just come out and I love it!! Within the first two days of getting it I had read the whole thing and leant so much about skincare! It has made my want to up my game so much and I can't recommend it enough! 

I hope you enjoyed my favourites and had a lovely June!

Love Megan x 

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