May Favourites

Its that time again! To share my monthly favourites of a few things that I've been really loving this month. I always try to find a mixture of things that I've been using during the month and what has come in handy or I really could live without. 

This book is one I have only just finished but I found it to be such an easy and interesting read. Ive have it on my bookshelf for a while now but hadn't reached for it. I will be definitely adding this into my summer reads as it great to take on holiday when you don't want to read a long complex book. 
I'd wanted one of these to keep record of my recipes for a while and saw this one and its perfect! IT has plenty of space for big recipe and a gap to add a photo. You can also add so many recipes.
I have already used this as a cookbook when referring back to my recipes I want to make. I LOVE IT!
Ive been using this all year and trying my best to keep it up to date! Ive only missed a few days in the whole year so far. I love the idea of this book. You can fill it in everyday for 5 years to look back and see what you was doing on that very day the previous years.
It is a great memory book and I can't wait to fill it with summer memories!
Viscose Pyjamas 
I will admit that I am totally new to this material and I can't believe that I didn't know about it before! Viscose is a fiber that is regenerated from natural sources such as wood. This makes it a very natural and environmental friendly material I would love to invest in.
This pyjamas I purchased this month are made from viscose and are some of the softest and best quality items of clothing I have brought in a very long time! They are by the brand LINDEX and they offer so much of their clothing composed of this material. 

Love Megan x

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