Vegan Cookbooks To Inspire You

When I first went vegan I was so stuck for inspiration! Thats when I started to discover so many great cookbooks, chefs and vegan food bloggers to inspire me.

One of the best purchases I made was the Vegan bundle which I purchased in January with so many vegan and nutrition ebooks. This is so hand to have hundreds of great recipes all in on place. Some of the ones I love come from people I already follow on social media such as Zanna Van Djik, Ellie Bullen and Ellen Fisher
Some of the best beginner recipes are the ones which are quick and easy to prepare! Tacos of any kind are so much fun and you can use up anything you have in the fridge. 
Another great one is sweet potatoes and also regular potatoes work great! These are such a fun dinner or lunch idea. I love to have mine with plain beans when I don't have time to prepare anything. They also word great with homemade chilli and salad. 
Lastly dessert can be a harder challenge when first starting a vegan diet. These recipe books have so many great desserts you can make at home so you won't feel like you're missing out!
I hope this was helpful to inspire you on your vegan journey and even if you just use this to give yourself a few vegan nights a week! 

Love Megan x 


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