April Favourites

It's time for my April favourites. This month has been a very different one due to current world events and therefor it has given me much more time to be indoors and spend time on things. I have been online a lot still trying to stay connected with the world and i have been doing this by visiting so many great blogs! I will be sharing these in detail very soon all about my faves and ones that bring the most to my life. 
You might know that I have set a reading challenge for the year to get through some of the books that I've brought and I'm yet to read.  This month with the extra time I thought I would give "You" a go after watching the boxset and loving it. 
I have finished the first book and I loved it! It was just like the first season and now I'm about half way though the second book! I can't wait to finish it and then I may have to binge the boxset again before season three next year. 
April was a month for self care! I took this time to focus on my skin and bring back two of my favourite products back to my routine! The Kiehls Oil is my go to for moisturising serum and I honestly haven't found anything like it! Im also obsessed with Elemis moisturiser and I love the smell and how it makes my skin feel!
Im also loving white nail polish and this is one of the best I've found!
Lastly I have really been loving getting inspiration and looking through all my recipe books! I think as soon as summer gets close I want to be making so much fresh healthy food and I feel very inspired recently! This is one of my favourites but I will share more on a post soon. 

I hope you feel inspired by some of these products! 

Love Megan x

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