February Favourites

For the month of February we are so excited to share our favourites with you! We don't have too many as we only want to share what we use and love!
 Kim Kardashian 
As a big fan of the Kardashians I can't believe that I hadn't read this book sooner! It really gives you a look behind the scenes and what Kim Kardashians life was really like from the beginning to the fame that she now has. The book is wrote really well and full of so many facts and information about Kim and the whole family that I really didn't know before.

 Makeup/ Skincare/ Accessories
Rose Lollipop Lipbalm | Narciso Perfume
After looking for a lip balm everywhere I settled on this one from Lush. At first the texture was very different to other lip balms as its a firmer lip balm until it warms up and turns to liquid. I quite like this about it and the smell is a personal fave of mine as I love the scent of roses. 

This perfume is one that I have had for a little while now but it has recently become one that I find myself reaching for most of the time. The smell is just amazing. It's a feminine, expensive smelling scent and it lasts hours. 

Tv shows/ Boxsets/ Films

The only one main thing that I have been watching this month is Keeping up with the Kardashians. Although I have watched it in the past Ive never sat down and watched them all from start to finish and this month thats what I've decided to do and its been so much fun! 

I would love your recommendations for anything and everything! 
Love Megan x

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