January Favourites

The start of a new year and Ive decided to start a monthly favourites series. Every month we watch, read use and love so many different products and items so its about time that we share them with you! I have separated them into sections and hope we can recommend some great things for you!

This month makes the start of our new year reading challenge to see how many books we can read. As our bookshelf grows we have made it our mission to get through some of them before adding anymore to our amazon basket! 
We have started by reading the me before you sequel and if you've seen the film you know how good the books are going to be and if you haven't where have you been?! You need to add these to your basket like yesterday!

Makeup/ Skincare/ Accessories
Headbands have been something I've really got into this month! They're just so simple and really complete an outfit without any effort at all. Ive purchased two new ones and they are so lovely I had to share them! As well as headbands these clips have come in supper useful and look great.

When it comes to makeup and skincare I've been trying to be more minimal this month with he amount of products I'm using. The Too faced lip injection lip balm has been great for a simple gloss with a bit of extra plump!
Ive also only just tried The Ordinary skincare and I know I'm late to the party because its soooo good! These are the three products I've been using daily and I love them. They leave my skin feeling so fresh and clean.

Tv shows/ Boxsets/ Films
- The game changers | Conspiracy | Forks over knives

- Minimalism: A documentary about the important things

- Tidying up with Marie Kondo

- Midnight sun | Before I fall | A fall from grace

When its winter and the weather is repeatedly bad everyday all I want to do is find the perfect show to snuggle up in a blanket and binge watch! These are some of the shows that I've watched this month and really enjoyed. I tried to fit in a variety of a few films but as January is the month to work on yourself I ventured out to some 'self help' documentaries and I really enjoyed them!

Love Megan x

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