My 2020 Reading List

Since the start of last year I have tried to make more of an effort to read the books that I continue to buy but always seem to end piled up unread on my bookshelf. Ive read quite a few good books last year (Let me know if you want me to recommend any!) but this year Im really going to get to work on reading the ones on my shelf before filling my amazon basket again!

Ive linked all the books I'm talking about if you want to read along with me!
I have started the year with Me before you which I actually have read before but I love this book so much that I couldn't resist reading it again! Also my reason behind this is because I have never read the sequels. So I want to start the year by reading these three! Ive been very curious to how the story will follow on in After you and Still me!
As it's already the end of the month I am pleased to say that I have already finished the first two!
I can not believe Ive had these on my shelf and neglected to read them! I will admit that a book being made into a film is a huge motivator for me. I love the fact that you can read the book and picture it so well and then be able to watch the whole thing after and feel truly like you understand and know the whole story. The perks of being a wallflower is on my list and my bookshelf mainly because I've heard so many people talk about how they've read it and I can't miss out! 
Little women is a classic that I've wanted to read and being made into a film last year has suddenly pushed it to the top of my pile!

Other books on my 2020 reading list include Eleaner Oliphant is completely fine which appears to be a very popular book so I'm very excited to give this a read as well as Nine perfect strangers. Ive also got in my small pile for the start of the year Still Friends, I read a Friends book last year and loved learning about one of my favourite tv shows so when I saw this recently I couldn't resist! As well as fiction though I am very interested in books that will further my knowledge and this is where No. More. Plastic. comes in. Lastly a book thats been on the bookshelf for a while is Kim Kardashian.
These are the books that I plan to start by reading this year as well as others that I will be reading from my bookshelf before I start purchasing all the books in my amazon basket!

I would just like to note that I try to do my part for the environment and when I can I purchase my books second hand (This is more difficult with new releases, so I do make an exception here) and once Ive read and no longer want them I hand them to friends and family or place them in a book bank.

Love Megan x

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